First Quarter 2008
Workouts to Note
Running-213 Miles
Yoga-17 Classes

I've done some strength training, biking, Pilates and other things here and there, but running and yoga have been my main focus. Last year at this time I had run 149 miles so I've stepped up the running for sure.

I realized today that my marathon time for Olathe was my second best marathon I've run. Whoo Hoo! I'm pretty proud of myself! Considering my state of mind going in, the wind and hanging back with a virgin marathoner struggling to get his last 3 miles knocked out, I'm very happy with my results.

Recovery is going well. My quads are still a little tender but that is to be expected. Over the past day, they are becoming less sore so we're headed in the right direction-still hobbling down the stairs a bit. I have concluded my body thinks it is still burning thousands of calories cuz I have been ravenous the last two days. I have splurged in eating everything in sight-there is no denying that and I have not felt an iota of guilt. I'll hop back on track tomorrow, hopefully the hunger won't overtake me. I think I'll be in fine shape for the Half Marathon on Sunday.

Off to yoga... I'm not sure I'll be able to do much, but it will help to get active after sitting all day at the computer.


  1. Hi Kim - I happened into your blog through Jenny. Congrats on your great job in the Olathe marathon. I also live in the area but volunteered at the race rather than running. I have a marathon coming up in the end of Apr.

    I noticed you also enjoy trail running. I'm trying to do more runs on trails myself, looks like we've done some of the races. I may try to put together a group trail run at Kill Creek park on Tues evenings starting in May, let me know if you may be interested.

    Hope to see you around

  2. KC Stine-I volunteered AND ran it! I helped at the start line and then jumped in after I heard the cannon. Thanks for volunteering. I always try to do my part volunteering when I can as well. It's fun.

    I would be interested in getting together at Kill Creek. That would be fun. Also, are you aware of the Trail Nerds http://kctrailnerds.blogspot.com/? They have a group trail run on Tuesday nights at Shawnee Mission Park.

  3. Way to go Kim!

    That is awesome... especially for someone who was busy volunteering at the start and cheerleading others at the tail end... you and Doug are amazing people!

    Also, count me in on kill creek at least once in the month of May - I have never run there before.

    See you at the TNR!