My New Found Love

Love it! I have found a new passion. I ran my first trail race in February, the Psycho Wyco Trail Run. I opted for the ten miler. OMG! It kicked my butt. It kicked it harder then anything has in a long time! But...the thing of it was...was that it was So Much Fun! I loved every second of it while it kicked me and kicked me and kicked me. We laughed and groaned at the same time. It was like being a kid again. It was amazing...it was freeing.

I since have been running on Tuesday nights on the trails. Night on the trails? Yes...and that is another added feature to the fun! We wear headlamps and run the trails in the dark. It feels so good on the body. There isn't the pounding and beating of the concrete under your feet. It's soft (and oh my! sometimes Way Muddy!) and easier on the body. It works you in such a different way that road running does.

In March, Doug and I and some friends I talked into running-I'm good about that :) ran the Red Bridge Ramble Trail Run. It was supposed to be an eight mile run but due to the river being up so high and flowing so fast, they had to re-route the run and it turned into 7 miles. We still had water crossing with a temperature of 32 degrees-but it was a blast. It's a new found freedom I have and love.

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