To Hell and Back on Labor Day

Let's start off with what most of you already know about me lately.
My running routine has sucked.
I haven't run over 16 miles in a WEEK'S time OVER the last 10 weeks.
Yes...it's true.
It's that bad.
So when Doug and I discussed the Heart of America Marathon, I really dismissed running it.
Until last Thursday when I brought it back up to Doug.
Really...what was I thinking?
We ran this last year and it was hot, humid, hard and hilly.
Race Report from last year is here.
It's slated as one of the hardest marathons (non trail) in the country due to all the the aboved mentioned reasons.
So...Thursday, I musta been feeling invincible and we decided to sign up.
Why, again?
Could be because it's in Columbia, MO.
Home to Doug's beloved MU Tigers.
There's a $25 entry fee.
It's low key.
Or to just torture myself for my lack of training.

This year it was humid, hard and hilly. The heat held off and we ran over 5 hours in fog or heavy cloud cover so I think that saved me.
I started out well. Taking it very easy. Run/walking with a ratio of 4 to 1 and walking up the hills and running down them.
I was very surprised at how well I was fairing.
Until the last six miles when my back started acting up.
But I hung in there.
It wasn't pretty.
But I did it!

I know I said last year we would have plans over Labor Day so this marathon couldn't be an option, but I SWEAR next year we will NOT be doing this marathon.
It certainly knows how to kick your arse and take your name.

So...that's marathon number SEVEN for the year.
When is number eight?
Mmm...could be...Friday.
Yes...THIS Friday.
Stay tuned.


  1. holy crap you ran!! I thought you'd just be cheering doug on...dude you are a crazy woman!!

  2. Crazy, indeed!

    No east coast swings planned, huh?

  3. Holy cow! That is intense, but good job on finishing :) that is what makes you such an inspiration to me!

  4. Abby-We NEED to get out to the east coast sometime very soon. That's where we are lacking, big time.

    Chic Runner-You're a doll.

  5. Hey, Kim, nice to see your post! I ran too and just posted to my blog. Quite a course...I enjoyed it and was grateful the sun didn't come out like I heard about last year!

    Way to go!!

  6. My marathon was hilly too. I walked up most and ran down....You are an inspiration! Friday? That is awesome! Good luck.

  7. you are one crazy marathoner! can't believe you ran that! Good luck with the next one!

  8. haha. i like how you come back from a break and then your next post is how you decided to jump in a marathon. anddd then you casually mention ANOTHER one for later in the week. might need to aim for 15 or 20 marathons this year instead of "just" 12. :)