Hatfield and McCoy Marathon Race Report

As some of you may know, earlier this week I was whisked off to New York alongside my mother for a national (and international) breaking news story. So I haven't had much time to sit and think about writing a race report for the Hatfield and McCoy Marathon, as wonderful as it was. I've decided to 'steal' Doug's race report and make a few comments at the end.

Sometime soon I'll post about the whirlwind turn of events that occurred in New York. Everything needs to settle before I'm willing to comment on anything. Life is finally getting back to normal (thank God!) and now I need to focus on ensuring my mother is fairing okay and getting ready for our marathon we leave for later in the week to Seattle.

Doug's Race Report
This is a wonderful race. It starts in Kentucky and finishes in West Virginia, crossing back and forth between the states several times. We hit the expo where we picked up our race packet, had a nice prerace meal , and saw a presentation on the Hatfield-McCoy feud....each runner was assigned a side...I was a Hatfield and Kim was a McCoy......

The Hatfield
The McCoy

Race morning was not that warm but it was extremely muggy. There had been a lot of flooding in the area over the last few weeks and the air was saturated. I decided before the race that it was going to be a "fartin' around" marathon. We brought a disposable camera and just covered the distance.....
Only one section of the course was muddy and it reminded me a lot of the tank trail in Anchorage.
...lots of "squalor in the hollar" along the course.
...lots of rivers and bridges along the course.
.....a bridge on the course connecting two sides of a golf course, one side in Kentucky and one side in West Virginia.

No caption really needed....

Our medals and overall finisher trophies...notice that mine is for 183rd and Kim's is for 184th....someone started some McCoy trash talking about a 100 yards from the finish line and got smoked.....also notice that we got a fly swatter in the our packet.
Kim's Comments
This was a fantastic race. The RD was amazing, the support on the course was fabulous, there was a water stop every mile, if not closer, which was needed due to the extreme humidity. The course was beautiful and we had a great time snapping photos and enjoying ourselves. I would certainly say this was one of the most fun marathons I've run. I recommend everyone put it on their 'to do' list.


  1. love the pics! those trophies are awesome - very unique. hope you are having a good weekend!

  2. hehe the scenary looks great, um except the mud!! No mud in Vegas right....happy birthday I'm comin to run!

    let me know if you want to catch up on Thursday or Friday!

  3. WHY were you in NYC?! I seriously didn't realize...I would've tried to hit you up and show you a good time! (In a non-stalker-ish-friendly-New-Englander kind of way!) Please post your story, I'm thoroughly INTRIGUED!

  4. Amanda-Let's try for Thursday, we leave for Seattle Friday.

    Kristin-I did think of you while I was there and thought, if only I had 2 seconds, I would try to contact you. We had absolutely NO time to do anything. I'll post more later. Just not ready to post anything right now, it's too fresh.

  5. Great job on the marathon! I have read a few race reports of this marathon and it sounds pretty cool!

  6. Cute trophies! Glad you guys had a nice time. Looks like a fun race.

  7. That looks like such a pretty race! Nice job and great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Yikes! I hope everything's okay on the making international news front!

    Sounds like a really fun race - you guys are amazing, doing as many of these things as you do.