Lincoln Marathon Race Report

What a weekend! We couldn't have asked for a better time.

We arrived in Lincoln to pick up packets at the expo and then headed to Nikemom's where we would be attending a Kentucky Derby party and crashing at their place the night before the Lincoln Marathon.

We pulled up to a beautiful home with gorgeous land and was met first by Harley, their dog, who is the cutest thing ever. We were then greeted with such hospitality and of course offered a drink as we walked in the door. As one drink turned into several and everyone was having a great time in the perfect weather and in the company of some great people, the defenses on the food intake went down and I think I snarfed more pickled asparagus and homemade pickles then one should consume in an entire lifetime. McRib had been smoking all day and made some fabulous bbq. Even on top of all that jazz, I was inclined to gobble down some pecan and Derby pie.

Needless to say...holy crap...my stomach turned into a huge inflated balloon. With good food, good drinks and so much laughter from all of Nikemom's great friends, you couldn't ask for much more. Except for some antacids, aspirin and a finger down the throat. No...I didn't purge, but when you wake up the next morning and you're still full from the night before...now that is disgusting!

Here is Nikemom in her adorable outfit and Derby hat with a biking buddy of hers...

And my Derby hat as we hang out on the patio in the beautiful weather...

Doug and Ken talking about biking I'm sure...
After getting to bed late, Doug and I awoke several times just because we were parched. We had both consumed so much good stuff that we were miserable. Five o'clock rolled around and we were up and ready to get the day started. Six o'clock rolled around and we headed out the front door to get the start line. Another great morning. Nice and cool. It was going to be a good day for a run.

We all ended up getting split from each other and this was the first race that Doug and I didn't get to start together or at least kiss each other and wish each other well before we took off. I was a bit bummed about that, but would survive. I knew he was probably ahead of me and I kept looking for him as he was wearing his famous yellow shirt and yellow bandanna that you can spot for miles. And finally I did see him. I could see he was looking behind to see if he could catch a glimpse of me. How sweet is that for him to wait for me! So I was able to catch up and we ran the rest of the race together.

What a race. The National Guard and Lincoln Track Club REALLY know how to put on a great marathon. This year it sold out and I would suspect for years to come it will continue to sell out. This is a great course with spectacular spectators and great race support. I really could not have asked for anything more. There were even margaritas on the course, which normally I would not pass up, but had to due to the fun I had the previous night.

It was so great seeing Nikemom and McRib about mile 14 as she had finished the half and they were waiting for the first woman marathoner come in. We also got to see some of Nikemom's friends that had come over for the Derby party the night before. It was fun to look up and have them cheering you on at mile 9. We also saw Sue and Ringo (KC Stine's wife and boxer) so we stopped and talked to her for a while. Getting to wave to KC Stine and Jon as they ran by in the marathon was a hoot too. Oh yeah, ran across Marsha who was up in Lincoln cheering on a friend of hers who was running her first marathon as well. It seemed like we had more support then we've even had at our local races. It was fun. The only person I missed was Meg who at fault of my own didn't get to see cuz I had downed too many drinks and forgot to email her my bib number. Sorry we missed each other Meg! This is a picture Ken took of us...

Later in the miles, it started to get warm and even the super duper fast runners seemed to be struggling. On the back half of the marathon, it was a long out and back so we could see them coming back in. It hit us as well. My legs cramped even with me taking a lot of electrolyte pills and at the end it just felt better to run (slowly) then it did to walk.

We finished in 5:28:58. And after a Derby party the night before...I'll take it!

When we crossed the finish line, we got a rose and this little mint...

If any of you ever get the chance to run Lincoln...DO! It's a GREAT marathon.

Thanks again to Nikemom and McRib, you guys are the best!


  1. Congratulations, great race report. Nice medal as well!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a great weekend, and a fantastic race. May have to come check it out next year!

    Way to go on number... 4 of 2009? Is that right? Craziness...

  3. Abby-Thanks. It really was a great marathon and one everyone should think about running. Just number 3 as the Olathe Marathon had to cancel and just rescheduled the half marathon.
    3 marathons...2 half marathons.

  4. holy cow no way could i drink it up and make it through 26 miles, you are a friggin machine!!!

  5. Nice job as always Kim! You guys are so inspirational.. I don't think I could party and then race the next day!

  6. Congrats! Sorry we missed you, and you're right, it sure got hot out there! Glad you finished strong even after having a blast the night before. What a Derby! My dad was down there and he said the guy behind him was screaming and freaking out and he asked him if he really bet on the horse that won and the guy yelled "F*&@ YEAH! I put $5000 down!" The guy won $250,000! He said it was so cool.

  7. Super cute hats! And no wonder Nikemom works out as much as she does - that's a serious spread! wowzer :) Congrats on the great race!!

  8. How fun!! I am impressed that you can drink the day before a marathon. Oh, and the margaritas on the course would have probably derailed me...I'd be sitting on the curb drinking margaritas instead of running:)

  9. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. I enjoyed meeting you guys finally and hope to run together more in the future

  10. YAY congrats on another marathon and a fun weekend!!!

  11. congrats on another marathon! strong showing, esp after all the eating and drinking. i know how i feel on a short, training run after such festivities - not fun! glad you had a great weekend and race!