A Royal Kinda Day

I spent most of the day at the K yesterday.
Kauffman Stadium.
Home of the Kansas City Royals.
First Go 'Round...The 1st Annual Royals 5K.
Showing some team spirit before heading out.

It started with Rock Star parking.
Five steps from the start.
Here are Karen's boys, pumped up and ready to go...

The 5K was run mostly around the stadium, in the parking lot, so not too breathtaking.
But...what was exciting is running through the tunnel...into the bull pen...onto the warning track...around the stadium to the finish line with your picture displayed on the jumbotron.

Here's a picture of Team Wobo as they crossed the finish... So fun!

Karen, the boys and me on the field.

Then it was off to the best feast ever...Orange juice. Bananas. Chocolate milk.
All the usual treats you enjoy after a race.
But this race went above and beyond.
Not only did we get the above mentioned, they also had smoothies. Ice cream. Orange crush. Chocolate doughnuts. Powdered doughnuts. Yummm...
But the kicker...
Hot dogs!
And they were sooo delish.
So good, I had two!
At 9:00 am.
Yes...it's true.

Then it was home for a few hours before returning for the Royals game.
Such a beautiful night.
And yes...more hot dogs were involved.
Except this time with onions and peppers.
This is a pic of Karen and me.
Being twinkies.
Our three strands of beads.
Our necklaces from the Nike Women's Marathon.
Our t-shirts from the Royals 5K.
In this picture, our hair even looks to be the same color.
Gotta love the BFF!

And Doug, looking sweet, as though he's kissing my ear.
Not the case.
He's biting me!

Then our Ace...Zack Greinke.
The best pitcher around.
Sad he didn't get the help he deserved for a Royals win.
Oh well...you can't win them all.

Fun times had by all.
A Royal(s) Kinda Day!


  1. kim - are you going to be at the "patriots' run" on friday? it appears that way on your schedule. hope to see you guys there - i am gearing up for 9 hours and 11 minutes of movement :)

  2. Rob- Doug and I are planning on running. Should be interesting since we're running Heart of America in Columbia tomorrow! Could be very ugly.

  3. oh - you guys can handle it :) i hope you are throwing in the "lewis and clark" next sunday too :)

  4. Oh sure! We've been called crazy plenty of times, but that would just be plain insane.

  5. too funny - there are people that are marathoning this weekend and then doing that double next weekend.

  6. You look so cute in your Royals gear:)

  7. Sounds like a great day (Royals loss and all!). We're headed to the Phillies game next week - late summer evenings at the ball park are hard to beat :)

  8. i wanted to go run in that but was at the lake! hope you guys had fun in columbia today

  9. Wow, seemed like a long 'K' day! Why can't we have one of those for our Tigers?