Motoring in Motor City

*********This is how I looked the whole time!**********

Marathon Number 9 of the year...DONE!

I was more than pleasantly surprised with the Detroit Marathon. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I wasn't expecting the beauty I encountered running this marathon. This was a great course. If you ever get a chance to run this...DO!

What was perfect about the marathon:
Weather was a little chilly, but once I warmed up...perfect.
The sun was out and shining.
Met Coach Ken.
The fall foliage was beautiful.
Running into our Northern neighbors land was fun. Thanks Ontario!
The mile long tunnel under the Detroit River was super exciting.
Belle Isle was...belle.
Meeting new friends on the course.
Such amazing neighborhoods.
Volunteers galore.
I'm a sucker for water, especially when it is sparkling in the sun and there was plenty of running near the water.
I actually didn't even get a medal at the finish. They ran out. But I was way okay with it cuz I had such a wonderful experience. And I know I'll get it eventually.

What's next?
Well...the Bass Pro Shop Marathon is in Springfield Missouri in two weeks. However...I'm PONDERING a local marathon this weekend. We'll see how I feel. And if the weather is good. It would be kinda fun to do 3 marathons in 3 weekends. We'll see!


  1. That picture is so cute! Nice job. I couldn't even imagine doing 3 marathons in 3 weekends!

  2. Love the photo, too cute, three marathons in three weekends, you are a crazy banana!! xoxoxo

  3. so funny...weren't you the gal lacking motivation a few months ago...I think going back to work has restarted your running fire!!

  4. I would never have thought this would be on my to-run list, but you make it sound great. Nice job on #9!

  5. Love the pic! I too would never think of Detroit as a scenic town. Glad you enjoyed it though, and OF COURSE you are thinking of doing 3 in 3 weeks. Nutso :) I would probably be tempted too if there were races nearby to sync up like that! Congrats on #9 for 2009!

  6. 3 marathons in 3 weeks? You guys are nuts! ...and yet inspiring at the same time. Have fun running whatever races you decide on. Just be sure to tell us all about it so we know what we missed out on. ;0)

  7. wow 3 in 3 you rock girl!