Was Once Lost, But Now I'm Found


Whew...running has been nil lately. Well...more than lately...more like the last couple of months. It's been very pathetic on the running front. I have so not had the mojo to care or even want to care. I think I totally burnt myself out running 6 marathons the first half of the year and I think I needed a break. So a break I took. A long, long break.

I may be feeling a tickle from the running bug again. I'm hoping it lasts a while. Here's a breakdown of what's transpired:

Last several months:
A couple 5K's...nearly zilcho running.

Doug's Team Challenge group had their first training run. What a perfect morning. It looks to be a good group. So much so that those that finished first, turned around and backtracked on the trail to bring in the next wave of runners. In the end, everyone 'finished' together. It was very moving to already have a team be a 'team'.

Met my BFF for 10 miles. Sad to say, 10 miles is the longest distance I've covered in quite some time. But, the good news is, we covered the distance and had a great time. Another perfect morning. Two back to back training days and I've covered more distance than I have run in the whole month of July. Gotta start back somewhere, right?

I'm looking forward to things turning around and getting back on track. It's time. There are a lot of marathons that need to be run. And a lot of potato chips that need to be run off these hips!


  1. I'm right there with you, Kim. The past couple months has been nothing short of pathetic on the running front. But Natalie and I went out for a solid seven miles yesterday, and today I felt great running around in the woods for an hour and a half. So, I'm hoping the tides are turning!

  2. Glad you are back!! A break is good, and I will taking one after this fall!

  3. EXCELLENT! I'm feeling the same way though, and I go back to work next tuesday and I have 3 college night classes beginning that week too. UGH.

  4. hey, I thought I'd left a comment earlier...oh well. Sometimes Kim, it is better for a break, it gives your body the rest it needs and when you come back, you appreciate the fact you can run even that much more.

    Enjoy your run with your BFF, and now you can really say Chips A'hoy!!!

  5. Note to self, don't run 6 marathon in 6 months!!!! This is a great time of year to get back to running.

  6. yeahhh welcome back. I think your running shoes have missed you

  7. We all need a break sometimes and i am glad you are back and enjoying it!!

  8. yeah i definitely can't run 10 miles after any length of break! glad you took some time off to relax and have some time away from running so you can resume full force for all your upcoming marathons and enjoy it thoroughly. i know i get bogged down at times and some time off usually helps!

  9. Welcome back! I'm sure you needed a break, you did some hella running the first half of the year!