Six Down...Six to Go

Six marathons completed thus far in 2009...

01.11.09 Walt Disney World Marathon
04.18.09 Frisco Fifty Marathon
05.03.09 Lincoln Marathon
05.17.09 Green Bay Marathon
06.13.09 Hatfield and McCoy Marathon
06.27.09 RNR Seattle Marathon

Six marathons to go. This is the plan (disclaimer... and is subject to change)...

09.11.09 Patriot's Run Marathon
09.27.09 Quad Cities OR Omaha
10.18.09 Detroit Marathon
11.01.09 Bass Pro Shop Marathon
11.22.09 Gobbler Grind Marathon
12.06.09 RNR Vegas Marathon (my birthday!)

And a back up, if needed...

12.27.09 Run for the Ranch Marathon

Is anyone doing any of these? If so, it would be fun to meet up. Or if anyone wants to run Gobbler Grind here in Overland Park, Kansas, let me know, depending on who you are :), we may have a free bed available.

Until the marathons start back up, I'm very excited to mix it up a bit in the next few weeks and play in some fun runs...

This Sunday we're running the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure 5K.
Tuesday, we're running the Martini Mile. A one mile run where at the end you get a free martini. How does one pass that up?
Then later in the month, the Mud and Muck-Kansas City's Dirtiest 5K. A 5K course that runs on paved roads, over trails, cross country and through a mud pit!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow, how awesome! What a great goal and you are practically there!

  2. You are a busy busy runner! Its great to see you running so many fun races! Hope you are able to do them all!

  3. halfway there! this is such a cool goal. i might try to look into the logistics of doing it next year! but then again, hard to plan 5 days in advance with my job. the tend to decide on friday if they need you to work the weekend. (gross)

    maybe you can throw the 12/27 race in there as a bonus and go for 13 :)

    good luck and have fun at the race for the cure tomorrow!

  4. so mad, i am now stuck at work and will not be going tonight... BOOOOOOOOO. :)

    Have you booked a hotel or anything for vegas? I am officially registered now!

  5. half way there!!! sooo fun to run a marathon on your bday! i MUST do that one of these years :)

  6. I am so impressed that you are doing 12 marathons this year! I *may* be able to be talked into Gobbler Grind, we shall see :)

  7. Yup, I'll be running the RNR Vegas Marathon as I do live in Vegas. Would be nice to meet up...several from the about.com running forum are also planning on racing that weekend and planning a get-together as well.

  8. hey kim - i am doing the ultramarathon option at the "patriots run". looking forward to seeing you there. my eleven year old son is going to be crewing for me. i am intending to go at least 50 miles and am hopeful of finishing in the top 3.