So the Training Goes

Training is going well.
I'm very pleased with the strides I've made thus far in my IM training.


It's been a LONG time since I'd been in the pool.
My first time in, I felt like a fish out of water. Never could get comfortable and I thought I was in big time trouble. I figured I just might as well drown. It would have been so easy to do.

My second time in, I felt like I belonged. Much more smooth.
Still doing pretty small swim increments, but working my way up one lap at a time.


Has been a good.
The last two weekends I rode 40 miles at the Fountain Tour and this past weekend rode 30 miles followed by an 8 mile run...well...walk after at the Tour de Lakes.
This weekend calls for a long bike again and there is no organized ride planned so I'm going to need to find somewhere that will hold my interest.

All in all...for being out on the bike for a total of 5 rides thus far, I'm very very pleased with how I'm progressing.
Obviously, the bike the the 'main attraction' at IM so I need to focus on the bike.

David, Craig and me at the Fountain Tour


I've noticed my legs being very tired from the bike.

I've have a couple of good training buddies that I hope to continue training with. It's always nice if someone else is feeling your pain alongside you. Misery loves company!

One of my lovely training buddies stated after Saturday's 30 mile bike and 8 mile run..."you know...after all we've done today, we still have over 100 miles to go to complete the IM". Wow! That really put it in perspective because at that time I was thinking we had put in some pretty good training. Maybe for the HIM, but there's a long way to go for IM training.

I'm honestly not as anxious as I was before I signed up. I feel like I'm getting a grip on training. Mind you, there are times, and it's usually when I'm on the bike that I think, "what in the HELL did I do and WHY am I doing this???" But after I'm done training, I'm so glad I've signed up for this adventure. I see a lot of blood, sweat and tears coming my way but it's going to be so worth it.


  1. Good for you to be so "Keen", I know when I trained along side my friend for their Ironman, it takes on a life of its own and becomes a full time job!!

  2. Kim, I just was over at Frayed Laces blogsite and here is her first week of training for her IM.....just thougth I'd share, I'm sure yours is similar.

    Monday: Swim (masters type workout) 1 hour, bike 2 hours
    Tuesday: Bike 2.5 hours, run 45 minutes
    Wednesday: Track workout 1.5 hours, Swim (masters type workout) 1 hour
    Thursday: Bike trainer interval workout 1.5 hours, swim (masters type workout) 1 hour
    Friday: Open water swim 1 hour, Run 1 hour
    Saturday: Bike 4.5hours, Run 1/2 hour
    Sunday: Run 2h, Swim 1/2 hour

  3. Even though I would love to, I can't compare myself or my traning schedule to Frayed Laces. The girl qualified for Kona, my God. I mean, come on. She finished her HIM in just over 5 hours. We don't compare by a LONG shot. Our goals are totally different. Hers to kick ass. Mine to cross the finish line. So no...our training schedules are NOTHING alike. And that's okay with me.

  4. If I don't swim for a while and then get back into the water I always feel super weird and feel like I am drowning and can't catch my breath! It is so weird. Great job with the training!

  5. Ha, now what have I signed up for???? Woman, you are going to do great, that's why they call it training!

  6. Yay! You are going to do great. And my legs always felt DEAD when I did a brick, but somehow during the race they were totally fresh when I started the marathon portion. Maybe it was the 15 minutes I spent sitting in the transition tent trying to talk myself into actually moving :)

  7. i still think you are nutz, but that's what is so wonderful about you!! YOu'll jump right in. glad training is going well

  8. Wow, where have I been? IM? That is awesome! Good luck with the training. I am excited to read about your adventures..

    BTW, I like the new look of your blog.

  9. Great training, nice post too. Keep up the good work!!!