CDA Trip Pictures

On our trip to Coeur d' Alene, we flew into Spokane, WA. From there CDA is an easy 45 minute jaunt from the airport.
Here are a few pictures we took along the way:

It had rained earlier in the day, but on our hike, the sun was out. All the leaves on the plants looked as if they were sprinkled in fairy dust. They sparkled like silver.
But of course, everything smelled of pine. Not the toilet bowl cleaner pine, the true pine tree scent!

This is the Centennial Trail. It was so smooth and wide. There were bikers galore, along with a lot of runners and walkers. What a great place to be!
And then the Coeur d' Alene Brewery. Ahhh...Huckleberry Ale. So delish.

We loved the lake, the hiking, shopping and food. Their city center was full of antique stores, coffee shops and little boutiques.

I found a local boutique where I sat and talked with the owner for quite some time. She told us of all the places to go. And go we did.

I had my first lamb burger. It was so delish. Then we had the best pizza with the best crust ever at Capone's. We sampled Huckleberry Wine at the wine store. Then of course, had to try the local brewery. Umm...yumm... But best of all for me was Java. They had a 'Bowl of Soul' that consisted of coffee, espresso, Mexican coffee and homemade whip cream that was to die for. We certainly consumed all of our calories back that we burned off during the marathon. And it was all worth it.

I would come back to CDA in a heartbeat. And miss the pine smell already. Maybe it's time to clean the toilets.

And when we returned home, we had these little treasures waiting to be picked in our backyard...


  1. love the pics! What a pretty place to run!

  2. Is that a swimming pool on a lake? Love the picture of the weathered wood and rope.

  3. Abby-That's is a floating dock. They claimed it to be the longest foating dock.

  4. 'Doug' is actually me right now!

  5. Looks like a great place to visit. congrats to you and Doug on all your recent accomplishments and thanks for your thoughts and prayers for me. I will be back!

  6. Isn't CDA awesome!? I was there last year when my bro did Ironman. So fun!! We went horseback riding and had a blast!