A Visit from Stevie Nicks

Or so I thought when I walked in the front door one recent evening.
Doug was missing.
Molly too.

With a haze of smoke hanging in the air.
Filling the room with the scent of incense.
I was wondering where Ms. Nicks was hiding.

After phoning Doug to ensure he wasn't tied up somewhere by Stevie herself, he assured me he was okay and failed to notice the smell in the house. When he returned home, he pretty much indicated I was crazy and I was smelling things. I knew something was up but couldn't figure out what it was.

Nothing was out of place.

After asking for ohhh...
A couple of hours, I was wearing him down.
He gave in and asked me if I wanted to know what it is.
Well yes...
But no...
Not if it's supposed to be a surprise.
A surprise for our anniversary, nonetheless.

After discussing, Doug wanted to make sure I liked the surprise before he continued working on it. So he took me out to the garage where he had been working on this:

It's a plaque he was making that reads:

The scent ended up being Doug burning the letters into the wood. So no Stevie Nicks.

I have wanted one of these forever.
But have never bought one.
Does it get any better when one is actually made for you?!
How thoughtful is that?!
I truly have a wonderful man.

Tonight we hung it up above our bed.
It's huge.
The full length of our king size bed.
And it's beautiful.
I love it.
And Doug...with all my heart.


  1. That is sooo sweet!! What a wonderful and crafty Hubby you have!

  2. You guys are just so sweet! I'm so very happy for you both, how wonderful to have the love of your life with you.


  3. I LOVE IT. It looks so good hanging above your bed. What a great gift.

  4. awwwww that is so awesome!!! your handy man is way more motivated than mine

  5. omgosh that is SO sweet :)

  6. Wow this is soo sweet! I think I just got a cavity ;)

    Really though, super sweet and cool! Hubs of the year!

  7. Doug...why do you continue to make us "other" guys look bad! We may just have to pull your man card out of jealousy.