A Bunch of Busy's

As of late, it appears life has a hold of not just me, but many of you.
A lot of my blogger buddies haven't been posting like usual.
I'm in the same boat.

This is what I've been up to lately:

A new job with a great company!
Back to running on a halfway regular basis.
Then...Doug and I have been canning fools.
Grape jelly. Made from our very own grapes out of our backyard.
Smooshing grapes. No foot wine (or jelly) here...

Salsa...Not sure why we didn't snap any pictures.

Cinnamon Apple Sauce....

And we also made our first batch of apple pies. From scratch.
Take a look at this baby. Yummm...
Neither of us have ever attempted this before.
It's been a blast making new things.
And they have all turned out delish.
Right now, we have a new wine brewing.
Who knows what is up Doug's sleeve that will be next on the list!


  1. Good to hear from you, I was just wondering how you were doing. Mmm all of that food looks yummy, especially the grape jelly!

  2. Busy, indeed! Sounds like all great stuff, though - what is that you're using to make the applesauce?

  3. You have been busy! I all looks yummy!

  4. ohhh pie...ymmy. Ok we need to get together for a walk, so I can hear all about this new job!!

  5. Abby-It's called a food strainer. We cut up the apples, cooked them in a pot to soften, then threw them in the strainer. The good stuff comes out one side, the bad stuff (seeds, core, peel) out the other. It is fantastic.

  6. Ooo yummy pies! It definitely is the season!

  7. MAN that food looks amazing! Glad you have been doing well! and seriously, send some of that jummed canned stuff my way! I don't even know how to can anything.

  8. omggggggg. cut me a piece of that pie! mmmmmmmmmmmmm. on my way over!

  9. i feel you too... i have been BUSY lately!! sometimes its hard to keep up with everything.

  10. oh man! Yummmmm! That looks so good. I am totally loving your kitchen.

  11. I love that you guys make all this food, that's so awesome!