Throwing in the Tri Towel

I think for now I'm throwing in the tri towel.
I'm just not enjoying myself.
And this is what it was supposed to be about.
I need to decompress a bit.
Swim when I want.
Bike when I want.
Run...well...that's just a part of who I am.

It's not thinking I can't do it.
Because I know I can.
I could do it tomorrow.
It's not about fear.
It's not about being a slacker.
It's not about being burnt out.
It's not about the will power.
It's about just not having the spirit.

I'm still kinda torn cuz I don't quit.
I always follow things through.
But I think for my mind, heart, body and spirit this is the best thing.
And if it takes throwing in the tri towel for getting the above mentioned back in order, then so be it.


  1. It is not about throwing in the towel, nor about giving up, slacker, burn out nor fear.

    Sometimes Kim, just sometimes, doing what is right for you at the right time is ALRIGHT!

    We all know you are an incredible athlete with love, flair and dedication to all of those you help with your thoughfulness, loving and care to help them to get to do their running marathons and the marathons of life's strife.

    Sometimes it is okay just to take a step back, because that will give you the wherewithal to take the million steps forward.


  2. Laurel-I love you!
    Thanks for such kind words.

  3. Way to go on just listening to yourself. Sometimes we committ to things and then feel like we must follow through even if it's awful or just not right.

    Plus umm hello miss I have a marathon like every weekend we know you aren't a slacker! Even if you are just hanging out eating bon bons the rest of the day ;)

  4. It is all for fun, after all.
    Triathlon will always welcome you back when you return... Cheers to racing for the joy of it!

  5. IF you aren't enjoying it, then its a good idea to let it go. You can always go back and pick up the training again later!

  6. Training for THREE different disciplines is alot of work, almost another job in itself...by all means if you don't enjoy tri training don't do it. Life is too short doing something you don't enjoy. Be gentle with yourself.

  7. thanks for your kind comment on my blog...and i hope it may have helped just a tad! i think you probably know you'll be back, when you are ready. enjoy your time away from training realizing that the time away is actually part of the training.

  8. I completely understand! Sometimes, no matter how much enthusiasm you start with, it just isnt going to happen. Nothing wrong with that! Pigman will stil be there next year and the year after and the year after. As will any number of other half iron races. I don't think you did any other tris this summer? Maybe next time you want to do a half, plan on some shorter sprints or olys earlier in the season to get you all geared up. That always seems to help me a ton.

    And, if you still want to do a tri this year, might I suggest the Olathe Medical Center women's tri in September out at Kill Creek Park? I'm planning on this one, I LOVE all women's races! And it's a sprint, so you can do it with MINIMAL bike and swim training. Something to chew on...

  9. you are not a quitter! i know you will attack this goal again in the future, so you are definitely not quitting. hope the decrease in stressfulness helps you feel like your old self again. kind of funny how workouts can get us worked up sometimes when they're supposed to just help us feel better! :)

  10. I know first hand that you are none of those things. What I do know you are is an amazing person and athlete! Both you and Doug. I can't imagine how you must feel when you help change a life for the better. I've never ran more than a mile or so my whole life and you convinced me I could actually get off my ass and finish a marathon. I never in a million years thought I'd ever do that but you're encouragment and coaching helped me reach the goal. You were there every step of the way...LITERALLY! You are not a selfish, burnt out slacker and you care more about other peoples success than your own and speaks volumes about who you really are and where your spirit really lies. A year ago I never though I'd finish a half marathon in my lifetime but you convinced me that I could not only finish a half but 2 halfs, a full, an oly tri and now on to Redman, KC Marathon, Gobbler Grind and who knows what else all in the same year. My life has changed dramtically and I owe the motivation to do all this to you. You are no where close to the quitter category so get over it and do what YOU want! Now go run in the rain or something! ;0)

  11. you are NOT a quitter, you just dont want to! having the spirit for something is VERY necessary when we have to train so much, so when thats not there it isnt fun anymore and then its just not worth it. sounds like you made the right choice :)

  12. Well stated, friend. I support your choice.