Found: Inspiration

I found some much needed inspiration.
It came in several ways.

First, with Born to Run, a book that was suggested by Cynical Dirt Doll. I'm sure I'm the only runner that had not read it, but so glad I waited for when I really needed a pick me up. I loved this book. It made me laugh, cry, shout out, 'I know!' and wowed me to no end. If by one in a million chance you have not read this, DO! It really is a must read and is fabulous.

Cynical Dirt Doll inspires me as well. She's headed to Leadville in August to run the Leadville Trail 100. Yes! An amazing 100 mile trail run in the Colorado Rockies. This girl goes out and runs 30-50 miles on the trails at the drop of a hat...all the time and then turns around and congratulates me on running a marathon, when she did much more than that on a training run.

Another inspiration came to me recently from a comment I received on my blog. I had to sit on it for a couple days because it still brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. It's from Craig of Running Our Butts Off:
I know first hand that you are none of those things. What I do know you are is an amazing person and athlete! Both you and Doug. I can't imagine how you must feel when you help change a life for the better. I've never ran more than a mile or so my whole life and you convinced me I could actually get off my ass and finish a marathon. I never in a million years thought I'd ever do that but you're encouragment and coaching helped me reach the goal. You were there every step of the way...LITERALLY! You are not a selfish, burnt out slacker and you care more about other peoples success than your own and speaks volumes about who you really are and where your spirit really lies. A year ago I never though I'd finish a half marathon in my lifetime but you convinced me that I could not only finish a half but 2 halfs, a full, an oly tri and now on to Redman, KC Marathon, Gobbler Grind and who knows what else all in the same year. My life has changed dramtically and I owe the motivation to do all this to you. You are no where close to the quitter category so get over it and do what YOU want! Now go run in the rain or something! ;0)

And thanks to every one of you that inspires me every day by posting your achievements as well as your tribulations. Reading stories of your running and life push me to be a better runner and person. Thanks and Luvs!


  1. Glad you found a good book and some inspiration. You are definately an inspiration as an athlete, and although I have never met you in person, your positive energy just oozess from my computer screen!

  2. I haven't read that book. I will have to try and get it from my library.

  3. Oh man - that's the nicest note on the planet! People love you :)

    And I've never read that book!

  4. I am going to request that book right now, thank you!

  5. Very nice. I am glad you found some inspiration.

  6. those are too excellent running buds! how could they not be motivating and inspiring :)

    definitely gonna have to give that book a read!

    glad you are feeling back in the game.

  7. Read "Born to Run" last month and it was sooo inspirational. I actually bought a canister of "Chia Seeds" last week due to the book. I'm also consider minimalist shoes in the future as well...not quite ready to go totally barefoot!