Looking for My Lost Shaker of Salt

Yesterday I went shopping for a few things and came home with a surprise Doug has been yearning for for quite some time now...
the Margaritaville Margarita Maker.
It's sooo fun.
Gotta love a happy man.
First up...strawberry margaritas with, of course, fresh strawberries.
Then blueberry margaritas.

Then cantaloupe margaritas!
Getting in your five servings of fruit a day was never so easy.

More home construction. Doug removed the door to our downstairs and installed an arch. Now he's tiled the inside of the arch and is getting ready to finish up around the outside. He's awesome!

And Mols says, "Hello!"


  1. I wouldn't have thought to try blueberry or cantaloupe margaritas but they sound yummy!

  2. LOVE IT! haha did Mols have some margaritas too? She looks a little dazed and confused!

  3. sounds and looks yumilicious.

  4. the arch looks so good! my home is ready and waiting for doug's talents :)

    i can't think of a better way to get in your daily fruit allotment. sign me up!

  5. Wow, I love that arch! You guys are master renovators!

    Just got back from the cruise yesterday (whew...). I checked out Bermuda for you - pretty hilly, with awesome views. I talked to a cab driver about the marathon a bit, and he said the whole island comes out for it. I imagine with cooler temperatures in January, it'll be an awesome race. Unfortunately, I'll be in California for a conference the week before, or I'd really think about joining you guys there. But I'd love to meet up for a race another time!

  6. I think a get together at your house is in order.... ;)

  7. yummy margaritas and awesome archway!

  8. I seriously think that could convince me to like cantaloupe (ick normally). But everything is better with tequila!

  9. That arch looks amazing!! You do have a great hubs! :) Also, he got that marg machine.. DUDE I've wanted one of those forever. I'm uber jealous!!!

  10. ohh dang I have seen those, seriously when's the party?

    love the arch, that doug is so motivated I could use a shot of that!