A Short Sad Start to Sunday Morning

What does a girl have to do to get in a workout?
Sunday morning.
Cloudy and cool.
A perfect morning for a hilly bike ride.
Doug and I part ways with a smooch, Doug to run, me to hit the park to ride.
I get to the park.
The gates...locked.
I head to the main entrance where signs are posted, reading KCCC-Kansas City Corporate Challenge.
It's starting to sprinkle, so I'm okay with it.
I'll run to the Y for a swim.
Get to the Y.
Not a car in the parking lot.
The Y...closed.
So now...I'm home.
Sad has turned to glad.
Sipping some great coffee.
Watching Sunday Morning, one of my favorite shows.
Will meet RuntoFinish for a walk later this morning.
Tomorrow...a long brick to incorporate a mile swim and an 18 mile bike.


  1. From you post title, I thought something had happened to Mols or to Doug or YOU....glad to read it was not so serious!!

    Good luck with your brick workout and hope you had fun with Run to Finish!

  2. hey at least we got to walk!! hope you were able to squeeze in a great workout yesterday