Fun at the Pool

Did I say at the pool? Like laying out, soaking up the sun 'at' the pool. Oh...well that's not really the case, at least today. Today I was 'in' the pool lapping up the miles. Okay...not really miles, but a mile.

Yesterday I got a nasty kink in my neck. The one where you can't turn your head or lift up your arm and anytime you want to see something you have turn your whole dang body in that direction to see it. So with a little hot pad action, a wonderful back/neck massage from my honey and some major cracking of the back and neck, it felt better this morning. Doug suggested I go for a swim to see if that would loosen it up any, and it did. I feel much, much better.

So...I rocked out a mile! My first mile swim in 3 years. At first, it was very slow going, trying to work out the soreness from my neck/back/shoulder area, but once I warmed up, all systems were go. A slow go. But a go nonetheless.

I am a master at losing track of my laps so I brought pennies today to count laps. Starting with one pile of pennies, as I completed each lap, one penny came from this pile and went to that pile. It was a joy not having to remember which lap I was on. I can never keep track and all that is running through my mind is 4...4...4..4...4...4...then...5...5...5...5...5...5...6...6...6...6..6...6...6... then 'crap...am I on 6 or is 6 coming up?' So the pennies worked wonders for me. I didn't have to remember my lap number and could actually focus on my swimming.

With a mile swim under my belt, I needed to fuel back up, so for lunch I picked up my bestest chocolate eating buddy, Stephanie, and we headed to Christoper Elbow's for the premiere of his fantabulous artisanal ice cream. All I can say is Venezuelan Spice Chocolate Ice Cream...to die for!

Tomorrow...a 13.1 run with my bestest friend, Karen!

Oh...and my Gilmore Girls friends...I totally goofed. I thought they were bringing it back, but I guess they are just going to show season 7 (for the first time on ABC Family). Sorry to get you excited. Dang.

To those racing this weekend, good luck and have fun. Have a great weekend.


  1. Good idea with the pennies! Glad you had a good swim. Have a great weekend.

  2. i think i still woulda forgotten which pile was which! but glad it worked out for you. i have the same issue with laps on the track on the rare occasion i do speed work.

  3. Thanks for the pennies for your thoughts!

  4. OK - the penny plan is brilliant! It ALMOST makes me want to swim :)

  5. Wow, I LOVE this penny idea - that's the best lap counter I've ever heard of!