Hillbilly Land...Here We Come

It's that time again.
Doug and I are marathon bound.
We zoom out of town tomorrow.
Race is Saturday.

On the half ironman training front...

Things are going great. Biking...it's been raining cats and dogs here lately, so I've been searching for time in between raindrops to ride.

Not a lot of biking this week.

Next week will be a strong bike week since
I'll be recovering from a marathon.
And prepping for another one in two weeks.
Swimming is going...well...swimmingly.
My body has been feeling tired.
And strong.
At the same time.
Is that possible?
I'm not sure I'm fueling my body like I should.
Honestly, I don't think I'm eating enough calories.
The scale is certainly showing the deficit.
I am finding muscles I didn't even know I had.
I like that.
A lot.

Stay tuned for some beautiful pictures.
Hillbilly speak.
And a race report.


  1. Have a great marathon this weekend. Glad to hear things are going well with the tri training.

  2. Good luck!! Have a fabulous time and take tons of pictures!

  3. Good luck---maybe I will see you there!

    Watch out for the critters in them there hills ;)

  4. Tired and strong at the same time. Isn't that just the best feeling ever?

    Good luck this weekend! June marathons... sheesh... don't forget to hydrate!

  5. Good luck! I've read that Hatfield and McCoy is a very well run race. Have fun!

  6. good luck and have fun! when i saw you and someone else first post about this race i checked it out (since i'm in ky) but it's a little too far for my work schedule, boo :( basically i'd need something in town, lol. anyway, GOOD LUCK! hope you are on the winning family side!

  7. Good luck! I am so impressed that you are running so many marathons in a row!!! And here I am just training for one! Have a blast, and looking forward to the pics!

  8. Good luck with the marathon.

  9. good luck tomorrow!!!

  10. Hoping today is going well, I can't wait for more fun race pics!! Especially if you dressed the part, which you totally should have!

    i made an apt to see a chiro on Tuesday.. right now it hurts after even a 5 minute walk so I'm kinda nervous