When I think sand, I think beach. Hanging out...walking on it...playing in it...
And since I had some time off, I thought it was a fabulous idea if I could go 'sanding' for a while.
But this is not the kind of 'sanding' Doug was thinking for me.
Instead he has me 'sanding' the kitchen cabinets.
The left side is the done part...the right side is what we are re-finishing.

I seriously think by the time I'm done, I'm going to have one Popeye arm...

And with all the Green Smoothies I've been drinking with a spinach base, this really could be me soon. Scare me!


  1. I lurve those green smoothies. . .

  2. Oh man... I hate sanding... have fun with that and your new popeye arm.

  3. I'm going to try a green smoothie either today or tomorrow....

    I had a job once (for 1 day) hand sanding stereo components! God Bless you Kim and good luck!

  4. Cupboards look great! But phooey on the sanding gig. :D

  5. ugh i hate sanding, but your cabinets look awesome!

  6. Kim, your kitchen looks awesome, that same project is on my 'to do' list, but I may put it off. So, do you have any future plans? So far, unemployment is great, I can run any time of day I want!

    That's great that you and Doug are running Lincoln, we definitely need to meet up somewhere.