Wednesday's Workout

Last night was a great night for a workout. The weather was perfect. You couldn't have asked for anything better. Sunny. 66 degrees. No wind. It actually got a little warm once we got going.

We did our 3 mile loop and had a good run. Pretty uneventful.

After our run we took Mols for a walk around the loop we normally take her on. We have never measured it so I kept my Garmin on while we took her out and it is exactly a 1 mile loop. A good distance for her.

Then when we returned home for a second time, Doug grilled out some yummy burgers for dinner. Sorry my veg head friends-this girl needs some meat! It'll probably be one of the last great nights this year we're able to do that.

While Doug was grilling, I headed downstairs for a ride on Osana. We went faster and longer than on Monday afternoon. I love Osana but she is a booger when you have to peddle peddle peddle nonstop on that trainer for an extended period of time. There's no downhill to coast or wind to push your back, it's just you and your legs pumpin' away. It's certainly a great workout though.

No workout tonight.

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