I just had a very dear friend of mine, Tonya, meet me for coffee this morning on campus. It was so nice to see her and be able to catch up on so much. What a great way to start the morning.

And when I returned, there was an email from a co-worker letting me know he had doughnuts in his cube. I *heart* doughnuts. They were pumpkin spice and oh so delish. Mmm...

Friends and Doughnuts. What a great day!


  1. Eat one for me, please. I'm on self-imposed donut (and sweets) restriction right now. I'm dreading tomorrow (donut day at work AND Halloween). Guess my kids are going to have to check their own candy for razor blades this year.

  2. I'll be HAPPY to have another one for you. It may have to be for lunch though. That pumpkin latte AND pumpkin spice doughnut about have me needing to barf right about now. But they were sooo yummy.

    If your kids need some help on that candy-I'm not too far away! I only check chocolate candy though.