It's Hump Day Baby

And it's a good one too!

  • Construction on the highway I travel to work is completed
  • The sun is shining
  • It's supposed to warm up to 65 balmy degrees today
  • We don't have the SNOW Laurel received (check it out)
  • This weekend is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous for running-perfect for a half marathon
  • Tonight I'll run a short 3 or 4 miler and get my arse on the bike for some more butt time
  • The boss is working from home today to keep his nastified sick germs away

Life is Good!


  1. ohhhh sounds like a great day!!! good luck at the half this weekend!

  2. Yikes, trade you!! Yes, I took that photo this morning at 06:30!!

    Glad your boss is at home, not my guys, they come in, coughing and hacking all over me, geezzzz

    What half are you doing this weekend???

  3. I'm doing the Maynard Cohick Half Marathon in Springfield, Missouri. It's part of the Bass Pro Shop Marathon weekend. Bass Pro Shop is headquartered in Springfied. We start there and actually finish in the store. Doug's running the full. I'm doing the half.

    Maynard Cohick-for real? That's Missouri for you!

  4. lucky lucky! good weather for a 1/2 is always a good thing! I hope your good luck continues into the weekend for your race.

  5. Love hump day! I hope you had a good one.