It's co-ld here. And way windy. And tomorrow morning is supposed to be in the 20's. Brrr...This totally puts me into hibernation mode. All I want to do is curl up with my heating blanket by the fire, sip something nice and warm (hot apple cider, coffee or hot chocolate) and eat. Yikes.

Good thing I have some races on my schedule, otherwise I would be doing just that.
Sitting around.
Doing nothing.
Getting fat.
Being cranky.
And that's not good for anyone!

So now is a great time to break out my new baby. Add something new to the mix. So Doug set up our bikes on the trainers this weekend-thanks Babe. I have some awesome new cycling shoes and I'm ready to go. As a matter of fact, we have a lunch date today. I'm going to ride her for 10 minutes to try and get my butt used to the seat. A little at a time. It's been a long time since my butt has been on a bike. Honestly, I think I've been on a bike once since August of 2006 when I finished my Half Ironman. Scare me! And with a race this weekend, I'm not going balls to the wall cuz I know how sore cycling can make me when I haven't done it in a while.

With that said, someone in the household purchased some new goggles this weekend also. What does this mean?
New bike
New goggles
New shoes
Continued running
Looks like some good cross training this winter.

Noon Update:
Whew...that was a ride. 10 minutes about killed me. I traveled 1.82 miles and went...nowhere (I was on the trainer-Ha!). I averaged an 11.2 pace. Honestly, I'm not sure what my resistance was set to, but it wasn't that hard I don't think. It was a workout for sure! Butt feels fine. Legs were a little shaky after I finished but they are good now. Not a bad start for not being on a bike for 2 years. It'll just take some hard work and dedication to get where I want to be.
Watch Out!
I'm after YOU!


  1. COLD!!! It doesn't get cold until I start my TNT season. I love going out in the snow, when everyone else is curled up inside....

  2. You guys are so smart to already be planning on some indoor work.. it was nippy this morning.. I totally need a few weeks to get acclimated!

  3. biking kills me too! :) Good idea with doing it indoors though, just watch tv while you work out. Good idea!

  4. Your post makes me want to do a TRI (before I have even finished the full). Note to self:Stop jumping ahead. Good plan for the cold winter months though!