Light The Night

Tonight is Light The Night. It's a wonderful fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It's a 2-3 mile walk that starts around 7:45-so when it is starting to get dark. Thousands of people walk with lighted balloons. It's the neatest walk ever!

There are 3 kinds of balloons:
Red Balloons signify supporters
White Balloons signify survivors
Gold Balloons signify lives lost

It gives me chills every year to see thousands of balloons floating through the air as people carry them on their walk. It's a sight to see.

Before the walk they have a carnival like atmosphere where there are clowns and jumpy things for the kids, there are all sorts of booths, and a very important part of the night is a memory garden for those to hang pictures, write notes and to reflect and remember those with cancer, have survived cancer and for those that lost their battle with cancer.

It will be a great night to celebrate and remember. Hope to see you locals out there!


  1. That looks like a really cool event, why don't we have on here?

  2. Wow Kim, that is amazing. I know I'd be crying the whole night!

    Thank God there are people like you, Doug, TNTKen....you all are giving, caring people...

  3. Kim, I think its so amazing all of the great stuff that you and Doug do to help people out. I will be by to visit your friends website! Have a great weekend!

  4. Ken-Not sure-you should look into it-it's awesome.

    Laurel and Marci-You are too kind. Doug and I (and I'm sure TNT Coach Ken too) really enjoy what we do-that's why we do it. A little selfish on our part-to make us feel good!