I Love a Rainy Night

Usually. Except last night at Light The Night. It wasn't so much fun. Actually...it really stunk. Due to the tornado warnings we had, they had to cancel the whole event. It was very sad to see the effort that was put into the event go down the drain with the torrential down pouring of rain. It's such a neat experience. I'll just have to wait for next year.

Singing in the Rain
This morning as I left for run group, it wasn't raining. But as soon as we stepped outside to start running-it poured. Despite the rain, I couldn't have had a better time. I ran with Karen and we had a ball! We were laughing and singing, "It's Raining Men" along with other songs we were making up at at the time. We were drenched but just kept chuggin' away. I told her if she wasn't there this morning, I very well may have sat this run out like some of the wimps that turned around. I could have stayed dry inside the running store, sipped a pumpkin latte from Starbuck's and shopped. But I didn't, and so glad, as we had a blast! We felt like little kids running in the rain. We even decided to jump into this huge puddle together-all four feet...SPLASH! Cherished moments between best friends...a life moment I will never forget.


  1. you guys are more hardcore/crazy than I. I hit the 'mill for my 18 today.

  2. Life IS all about making memories Kim...glad your are right up there doing it!

    I'm headed out for 12K with a weather warning looming....catch up with you later girlfriend...

    So sorry too that your event was washed out, that is so sad.

  3. Kim, that's too bad they had to cancel your event. My rain gauge showed 6 inches total since Thursday.