Just Got News

As many of you know, Leesa (my Honored Patient) and Craig (her husband) are training for the Disney Marathon with Team In Training. Leesa was diagnosed with CLL in May of 2008. She took some magical chemo pills, had little side effects and then remission. Pretty great news.

Until today. Leesa got a call from the doctor to let her know the cancer has returned. One of Leesa's first questions to her doctor was regarding marathon training and if she could continue. Her doctor said that she could. Whoo Hoo! This goes to show the dedication Leesa has.

Just hope and pray this next go 'round is as fast as the last. Get that crap knocked out.

Do you remember your first marathon? How tough it was, the training, the nutrition you had to get down, the miles and miles you put in. How nervous you were every other week when you had to bump up your mileage. That's about enough to enounter, but can you imagine training for a marathon, having cancer, taking chemotherapy and trying to raise $10,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society??? That's what this amazing woman is doing.

Give Leesa and Craig a shout at Walking Our Butts Off. Heck, give 'em a donation too while you're at it! They have a 'Blog' section where you can keep up with Leesa and Craig, what's going on with Leesa's health, their training and life in general. I also have their link in my 'Blogs I Stalk' section for later reference.

Keep these two and their two small children in your hearts, thoughts and prayers.

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  1. I don't know what to say, other than Leesa, fight all the way!!

    You are an amazing lady to be undertaking not only the fight of your life with your health, but training for a marathon on top of it all....God Bless, Best Wishes, you have many who are cheering for you from afar!

    You have a very strong support team with Kim and Doug...they will help you every inch of the way.