Ho Hum

Nothing too exciting to report.
Trying to get over a crappy cold.
It has to be gone by Thursday-no exceptions.
It's going to be a short work week!
Philosophy classes...I do not get.
Would like to do my run tonight on the trails since I have a HUGE 31 miler coming up next weekend.
I need to knock off the mud that is still on them from the Psycho Night Run.
10 hours. 31 miles. Should be doable-right? Yikes! Nervous. Excited.


  1. Absolutely it is doable! You have what it takes to go the distance. Just get over the cold cooties and you will be ready. Take care of yourself. You have a Wicked Women Weekend ahead!

  2. Get well and yes it doable. I love that word, I use it all my information meetings.