The Week Ahead

A 4 day work week-Whoo Hoo! I love holidays.
Today-Working from home outside on the deck. It's a beautiful day...blue sky-low humidity-light breeze and a high of 82.
Tonight-Weight Training.
Tuesday-3 Mile Run.
Wednesday-Fric's 4th Birthday (Karen's oldest). Weight Training.
Thursday-Thursday Night Run.
Friday-Heading down to our newly purchased land to play and plant. Visit Doug's parents and meet up with Doug's daughter. Can't wait!
Saturday-Psycho Wyco 15 Miler. It's going to be a killer but a ton of fun! I haven't been trail training and Psycho Wyco really IS Psycho!
Sunday-A day of rest.

And somewhere in between work and working out-getting some school work in.


  1. Have a great week of workouts! I am curious to read about the psycho event!

  2. I love it when there's a plan. Four day work weeks rock!

  3. It will be great to see pictures of your land and the planting. It will be great to see you at TNR! Enjoy the short week.