About Last Night and Fast Forward 18 Months

Last night Doug and I met up with our Thursday Night Group. It was icky sticky out mixed in with some hills we'll be running routinely to get ready for the San Francisco and Kansas City teams. Whew...it kicked my butt. It brings back memories of last year. Meeting friends at 4:30 am to get some miles in before the sun came up. I'm not a very good hot and humid runner-which is what KC gives us in the summer. But it's here and whatcha gonna do? Run-of course!

After our run we went to eat at Mr. Gyro's Greek Food and Pastry. Mmmm...They have plasma TV's with scenes of Greece-the isles, the ruins, the cities... Beautiful! I wanted to start planning our trip right then and there! Planning? I wanted to pack my bags and go! But we have around 18 months before we go so I can hold off on planning for a month or so...lol! We're taking a TNT Alumni Team to Greece in 2009 to run the marathon. I can't wait! So...I ate my gyro and some baklava while dreaming about being in the bluest water anywhere.

Yesterday was a busy workout day:
Laps at the pool
3 Mile Run
Walk with the dog

I'll rest tonight and run 10 hilly miles on Saturday. Have a great weekend!


  1. A trip to Greece, how cool. Sounds like you have a great relationship with TNT alumni also. We stay in contact with quite a few also.