Raspberries Galore!

From our backyard...

Last night after I got home, I threw on some long pants and long sleeved shirt to go pick berries. Long sleeves and long pants because those little bushes are nasty prickly mean. I came out without a scratch but the damn bushes would cling to my shirt and pants and wouldn't let go. I was laughing and yelling at the same time for Doug to come save me! He was tending to the grapes. My fingers and fingernails are disgusting. They look like I've been digging in the dirt and haven't washed my hands. They are stained purple-but it's so worth it!

Ymmm...look at those babies! I will probably pick this many again tonight or tomorrow night. They are everywhere!

So after weight training, I got them out to taste test a few. After I sat down with them, we ate the whole container! Well...okay, it was mostly me. They were so delicious and had such great flavor, I couldn't help myself! I'll share better next time. Or...I could sell them...ha! No way...they are too good!

Training this Week:
Saturday-6 Mile Run
Monday-Weight Training-I LOVE this class. I love the way it makes my body feel 'tight' when I'm done. I can so tell I've done something. It's not easy and I work my butt off. We use a combination of strength and power moves. I've never seen this sort of structure in class before. It really works.
Tuesday-I would like to do a 4 mile trail run-but with it raining will probably be a 3 mile run (non trails) and please not the dreadmill or will hold off until Wednesday morning.
Wednesday-Weight Training
Thursday-Thursday Night Run Group
Friday-Don't Know Yet...Swimming maybe?
Saturday-10 Mile Run


  1. I LOVE Raspberries! I have bushes in my garden for the birds...they just go crazy over them.


  2. Oh man those look soooo good!

  3. Mmm those berries look yummy!