Hookey Again!

That's right! I'm playing hooky from work...with work! Our team is headed to the casino for lunch at the buffet and then some of us are seeing movies and others are gambling. I'm going to see Sex in the City. Whoo Hoo! I love my job! And...they are paying for it...even better.

I did not play hookey from running though. I got my butt up at 5:45 this morning and took off on our 3 mile loop. When I stepped outside, it felt like a pretty nice morning...the air was cool with an easy breeze. Then I started running...or trying to...the humidity pulled me right back in and showed me who was boss. After finishing I was nothing but a puddle of sweat. Took a cold shower and was still sweating after I got out. Putting on my jeans this morning felt like pulling on painted on jeans that were 3 sizes too small. Laying on the bed-tossing and turning-flailing around-someone would have thought I was fighting an alligator with my moves! Whew...that was a workout in itself.


  1. That is so cool, to be able to leave work and go watch a movie.....Gambling would have worked also. Did the jeans loosen up?

  2. TNTCoach Ken-The jeans weren't tight-however trying to put them on with a slimy wet body doesn't work well for me! Once my body cooled down and I wasn't icky anymore-the jeans fell into place and weren't plastered to me. Thank goodness!