Playing Hookey Today

Work: My manager and director came into town from Denver to take our team to the Royals game. Beforehand, we tailgated with Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ (turkey, sausage, cheesy corn, coleslaw, baked beans and the boss's wife made a homemade chocolate bundt cake with chocolate icing. Mmm...) and it was all chased with yummy beverages. What a great day...some sun...some shade...a cool breeze. And what a game. The score went back and forth, there were some very exciting plays and in the end, the Royals came out ahead-5 to 4!

Thursday Night Run: After sitting outside all day, I am tired. How does that happen? I didn't do anything but sip a drink, watch a great game and chit chat. So...I'm going to skip out on one of my favorite things to do and opt for the couch tonight to veg out.

Tomorrow I'm working from home so if it's not raining, I'll head out before work or during lunch to catch some miles and maybe hit a yoga class at the YMCA. That would be heaven!


  1. OMG! The cheesy corn! Gotta get me some cheesy corn!!

  2. Sounds like a good time. Hey, did you know that Planet Sub has $2 turkey subs the day after the Royals win? We take full advantage when we can, which, unfortunately, is not that often.

  3. That's right! May have to be a turkey sub day. Thanks!