The Best Little Coffee House

This morning Doug got up early to head across town for running group. He had quite a drive and still needed to mark the trail for the runners so he took off around 4:15 am. I opted to stay in bed this morning with the cool breeze coming through the open windows. It seems like forever since I was able to sleep in. I 'slept in' til around 6:30 am. I got up, did a few things around the house and then decided it was such a beautiful morning that I was going to get some coffee, sit outside and do some homework. So I packed up my computer, books and Ms. Mols and we headed to the best little coffee house around.
  • The coffee is the best around. Exactly the way I like it.
  • I grabbed some breakfast too of cottage cheese and pears-very refreshing.
  • Sat in a comfy chair in the sun with my feet propped up and my flip flops off able to peer over the computer at my pink toenails.
  • Very dog friendly. Practically a dog park with balls to play with and enough room to run around like a crazy maniac. Molly that is, not me.
  • No parking lot to stare into, but instead, beautiful green grass and fruit trees galore.
  • Nothing but blue skies to look to with a perfect slight breeze.
  • Doves cooing and birds chirping.

And I didn't have to go anywhere but my backyard!

On the flipside to my wonderful morning there was no run. Yep, no run. I needed a break. I haven't run in a week! I've done other things-but no running. I needed this time to rest and recover. In the next couple months, my training will be stepping up so I need to be refreshed and renewed. I think taking this time has helped.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this time to relax, reflect & be renewed! You deserve it!

  2. Enjoy your break. Taking a break every now and then is important!