Now THAT was Interesting

Tonight I was looking for something different to do. I thought I was going to yoga but decided to look up the YMCA schedule just to ensure class was at the time I was thinking. It wasn't. They changed the whole schedule around-so after pondering my options I opted for water aerobics. Yes...water aerobics.

So off to class I headed. As I jumped in the water I felt an 'aahhhh' come over me. The water welcomed me as it enveloped me with a hug. It felt so good to be in the water. I was already thinking of swimming some laps after class because I loved how the water felt on my body but soon realized I didn't have my goggles-next time.

Class gets started...I look around...and realize I am the youngest by at least 25 years and/or the lightest by 100 pounds. Not that it matters...just making an observation, but I was the one getting stared at tonight. Class was okay. I may try another instructor next time. I'm not quite sure she gave me the workout I needed. However it did loosen up my hips and back and it did feel great to have a non impact workout. We worked out with water weights and when I would put them in the water, it would float me up. The hardest part was trying to stay grounded and not floating to the surface!

I may have to work some swimming into my schedule. I didn't realize how much I missed it until tonight.

As for tomorrow:
In the morning-running some miles.
In the evening-weight training for a kick butt workout.


  1. I used to swim two times per week. I miss it to, its hard to fit everything in. Good for you!

  2. I've seen the attendees for those classes. I bet they were thinking, "who's the spring chick visiting tonight?"

  3. Ha, aren't all of those classes like that? So were you the superstar?