Dinner with Ashley

Last night some of us from my TNT team met Ashley and her family for dinner last night (picture of me, Ashley and Karen). Ashley is my Honored Patient for my Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. Ashley is 12 and has a sister that is a year older then she. Once the newness of meeting someone new wore off and she got comfortable with us, we had a very nice time. Her family is very kind and her sister could talk your head off!

We got to hear the story of how Ashley was diagnosed. They went for a doctors visit for what they thought was something routine. Only to find out that she had cancer. She talked about getting her hair cut, then wearing a 'do-rag' because her hair was falling out and then having to wear two-but that wasn't enough and then not even a week later having a head shaving party. Can you imagine what that would feel like at 10?

Ashley on the outside today looks great. You would never tell she had cancer only 2 years ago. However, on the inside, things seem to be changing again. She is having some of the same symptoms she did when she was diagnosed the first time. Yesterday, instead of playing at the pool like most kids should be doing in the summer, she spent it in the hospital taking a battery of tests to determine what is happening.

Please keep Ashley in your prayers and hope that the cancer has not returned.


  1. Oh Kim, yes I will send special prayers to Ashley from Ottawa...let her know that we are thinking of her and sending her positive vibes...

    Due to our crazy weather system, I haven't tagged up with you yet, but I will on Thursday!

    Enjoy your "down time" with Ms. Molls, I been thinking of you....

  2. No worries about tagging if you don't have time or want-I totally understand!

    Be careful with that weather-whatever is going on. I need to turn on the weather channel to find out what is happening up there!

  3. Hi Kim! Thanks for your comment and for this post. I'll be sharing it with my TNT teammates for an added reminder. Wishing nothing but pure goodness for Ashley.