All By Myself

I dropped Doug off at the airport not so long ago. He's headed to Anchorage with the Team and I'm going to be...All By Myself...for the weekend. And although I would love to be sitting on the couch moping for my hunka hunka burnin' love and playing the air drums...


this girl has things to do...from a run with my Thursday Night Group, to the Saturday morning run, to meeting up with my dad for dinner, to going to Frac's 3rd birthday party at the Royals and doing some shopping for clothes that fit. I swear three quarters of what I own is too big for me-such a problem! I might even rent some girlie movies, grab some magazines, buy some Starbucks Mud Pie ice cream and prop myself up in bed with the whole carton! I'll do the shopping after I eat my ice cream.

I'm All By Myself this weekend but I think I'll get by just fine.

Miss You Babe. Have a great trip!


  1. LOL... I can totally see you playing the air drums while making grand, sweeping gestures! You crack me up!!

  2. Ha, he's only a few miles away! We have the same issue in our house, since we're both coaches.......

  3. Geez, all you need is a cat on the couch and that was me this weekend, well, every weekend, LMAO!

    Hope you enjoyed time with Ms. Molls...