Life is a Highway

Or at least it will be in two days. Doug and I are road-trippin' to somewhere in between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. Details...Details...those are for Doug. We're tossing Ms. Mols in the rented minivan with us and cruisin' West to the mountains. I love to road trip. It's so fun!

Been busy shopping for road trip food (twizzlers, beef jerky, Gatorade, all the nutritious stuff you need before running), doing laundry (where do the hangers go? We NEVER have enough hangers-could it be because we average bringing home at least 4 new shirts (if not more) a month from races we've been in?), learning the soundtrack from Wicked so I can sing it to Doug on the way up and walking the dog. She thinks she is entitled to a walk every night now and she usually wins. Last night we only walked two miles-she wasn't so much impressed with that.

So this weekend Doug is running the marathon and I'm 'just' running the half. I know, I'm whimpy whimpy whimpy. But...I'll be running the Rock 'N' Roll San Diego Marathon the next weekend-so does that nix my whimpiness?

I want to give Lily a GOOD LUCK on her FIRST marathon this weekend-the ING Ottawa Marathon! Have a GREAT time. Enjoy every minute!


  1. OMG, Kim, thank you SO MUCH!

    Oh, now you've made me cry...my emotions are very close to the surface this week. That is so sweet. Thanks.

    Good Luck to you & Doug...boy you guys put my little race to shame. Glad you're taking Ms. Mols with you...

    You get to run in so many really cool races...maybe one day...so with that said, have a GREAT time (and race time too)..

    thanks again for the supersweet shoutout!

    I *heart* you guys!

  2. Wow Kim, that is some impressive race season you have lined up for 2008. Good luck with your half marathon this weekend!