What Is This? Like the walking shoes aren't ridiculous enough? Now we have FitFlops?

It's supposed to be "a complete workout in a shoe, containing a sole that functions like a mini wobble board, forcing you to constantly readjust your balance as you walk, thus burning more calories and toning your leg muscles. " For real? If you 'think' this is fitness, you probably can't bend over to paint your toenails so you really shouldn't be wearing flip flops (or FitFlops) anyway! Okay...yes...that may have been a little harsh. Sorry. But for real... And not quite sure I want to be on a 'mini wobble board'-sounds to me that could break an ankle. If I want to be on a mini wobble board, I'll go do some exercises on the Basu ball.

However, they are kinda cute huh? Except the white-which I would get nasty dirty in no time. I'll stick with my Reefs and get in my exercise on the side.

1 comment:

  1. They look kind of nifty..

    I do love my Mephisto's though..I'm with you on the white part of shoes, the white wouldn't stay white for long!