Another Life Lesson on My TNR

Two Thursdays ago I learned that clouds "look like mashed potatoes". This Thursday while I was running I passed...yes passed...okay...it was some girl walking...that had on a shirt that read, "It's not how you start, but how you finish." Isn't that the truth? The quote led me to think not so much of training but of life...

I'm not 'finished' with life by any means (God willing) but I am 'middling' up pretty well. I feel I have been blessed with a lot of things, but also know I've worked my tail off to achieve things I've wanted also. I learn so many things on my Thursday Night Runs!

Training-Uggg...I'm going to chalk this week up to a rest week. Yikes! I ran Saturday and yesterday. I did walk the dog several times this week. I know one time being 3 miles and another being 2 miles. I really don't count that as training-but I did do a little something.

After work (and probably/hopefully early!) we're heading to Wyoming. I hope everyone has a good weekend and great races! Have fun!

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