Besides yoga is there any other physical activity you can actually work your butt off at and when you're done walk out with such calm and peacefulness? I love the way I feel every time I walk out of class.

After running, or during sometimes, I get a sense of lightness and a 'feel good' attitude, but it's not the same. I don't even get the feeling with Pilates. Could it simply be the 10ish minutes spent at the end of class in chavasana?

Some may say it's your instructor. I'm not going with that as I've had some instructors that I could have taught them a thing or two and I'm FAR from knowing much about yoga. Even with my current instructor, she sometimes plays her music too loud or speaks too loud but I still come from class feeling that sense of peace.

Should I question it? Probably not, but I quest to feel more of that throughout my day.

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