Mid Week Training Update and Pretty Feet

Training for this week has been going well. What?? It's only Wednesday...ohh...okay. So far so good then. This is what I've done and what I have planned...

Monday: Yoga
Tueday: 3 Mile Run 32:05 for a 10:42 pace. 10:35...10:32...10:58
Wednesday: Yoga and weight training
Thursday: A 3 or 4 Miler
Friday: Pilates
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Lawrence Half Marathon

Life: It's time for a pedicure. It's been too long and I'm in DIRE need, especially since I show these tootsies in yoga twice a week and sandal season is here. AND...it's the least I can do for them after pounding them on the pavement day after day. I would post pictures of 'before and after' but I am afraid I would scare you away forever.

Work: I'm working from home today and will hit the YMCA at lunch today for weight training. The boss is having a baby today so he's going to be MIA for a while.

Noonish Update: The Y doesn't have weight training classes during the day today so I may head there tonight before yoga or do some weights around here later. Went and got that pedicure. Ahhh...my feet are so happy! I'm in my flip flops and it feels gooood. The weather is THE BEST today...sunny and 75ish! I have the windows opened and the back door is open for the puppies to lounge inside or out-whichever fits their mood at any given moment. And that's exactly where I'm headed to get some work done-outside in the bright, warm sun.


  1. Oh Kim, it's getting closer, enjoy your "down time" have a great race and Good Luck...

  2. With exception given to the "blustery" wind [thanks for nothing Katie Horner and Bryan Busby], it was an awesome day out today! Best of luck in Lawrence on Sunday. We lived there for years and love it love it love it. Primarly because there's a Dunkin Donuts on the way into town. I think the course looks awesome!

  3. A pedicure sounds so good to me right now... maybe that's what I'll do on Saturday night while I'm getting the smack-down from Ris in scrabble!

  4. Topher-Thanks for reminding me! I'm not sure HOW I forgot Dunkin Donuts was in Lawrence. I need to stop in there and get some hazelnut coffee for home. They don't have it at the grocery store!

    Thanks for the good wishes. I'm excited-all except for this HILL they keep talking about!

  5. Jenny-It made my feet soooo happy.

  6. Your toes will be so pretty and ready for the race on Sunday. You have inspired me to pamper my tootsies next week...it has been far too long for a pedicure. What a special treat! Good for you! I love that you pamper yourself along the way! See you Sunday.