Oh How I Love My Coffee

At home this morning I wasn't able to make my usual cup O' Dunkin Donuts Joe. Well, I could have, but didn't have the right kind of creamer. And what is coffee without the right sugar and creamer? I thought about running to the store to get some creamer-no, it's raining. Thought about stopping off at Starbuck's-no, it's raining. For those you know that know me-you very well know I might melt and not because I'm made of sugar. I'm melting...I'm melting...So what is a girl to do? HA! This girl went to work to get her coffee. We have a coffee kiosk in our building! They serve anything your little heart desires and my little heart deisred some mocha this morning.

Our 'campus' has 4 different coffee shops, 3 different buildings you can have breakfast and/or lunch with multiple multiple multiple things to chose from and best of all-it's great food. We also have a C-Store, a beauty shop, a flower/card shop, a dry cleaners, a doctors office and much much more. I have to say we're pretty spoiled here.

So I'm sitting here, sipping my Joe and planning for the day. Remember-April showers bring May flowers.


  1. All that on the campus? Amazing!

  2. Yes! You'll have to come by for lunch one day. They have the BEST salads they make for you...I want this and this...no, not that, great fish entrees usually every day along with pasta, pizza, bbq, chinese food...you name it...we got it! Oh...the best green beaners too!