Weekend Training and the Chocolate Extravaganza

It's almost the weekend! I'm looking forward to it being halfway quiet too for a change. Two weekends ago, Doug and I ran the Olathe Marathon and last weekend we went to St. Louis where Doug coached his team and I ran the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon. So this weekend we get to stay home and it's going to be fairly mundane except for the chocolate party on Sunday.

Doug and I have another long run this weekend as we train for the Colorado Marathon May 4th (see my cute runner girl ticker at the bottom of the page for the countdown). I think I'm going to run 16 or 18. Okay-probably 16 because if there is a choice between 16 or 18-it's going to be 16! So over the past two weeks it's been 26.2/13.1/and now 16 and that's not counting weekday runs.

Sunday...oh I can't wait for Sunday. Sunday afternoon is Stephanie's Chocolate Extravaganza! She has put so much planning and preparation into this, I can't wait to see it all come together. She's going to have chocolates from all around the city, have not simply one chocolate fountain, but TWO! She's also having chocolate stout beer and who knows what else. I can hardly wait! I may be sitting on her doorstep Saturday evening. I've been looking forward to this for quite some time now and it will be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

To running and chocolate...I love you both!


  1. Oh Kim, it sounds as though it will be a PERFECT weekend. Stout Beer Chocolate? I've never heard of that, I'll have to read about it on your next post!

    Wow, you do a lot of running! Good for you! Please stay in touch....thanks for stopping by my blog....


  2. Wow, you guys know how to party! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ben's great. I've met him in person once, but that was before I realized who he was (it was at packet pickup for the Pilgrim Pacer. When I got home, it clicked that it was Bad Ben!)

    I'm guessing from your description of your work 'campus' that your a SPRINTer. I work down the street at College and Mission, right across from the running trail. I see tons of runners around lunchtime coming from over by Sprint. If we only had a shower here at work, I'd be right there with them for a lunchtime run. Oh well.

    I'm stoked for Hospital Hill. I know a couple other KC bloggers that are going to run it, so we'll have to all meet up.

  3. I am with you girl - I can NOT WAIT for the Chocolate party!

  4. Topher-Ben seems to be a great guy. I've been to a couple of his Tuesday night trail runs as well as two of his trail races-Psycho Wyco (I ran the 10 miler) and Red Bridge Ramble. The races are great, well organized so so down to earth-it's a blast! You should really come out and play one of these days.

    And yes-I just might be a SPRINTer...maybe :)

    Keep me posted if you guys decide to meet up for HH.