North Pole Marathon

The North Pole Marathon was yesterday. It looks like 17 participants finished. How fun! Can you imagine? I think I'll put this on my Bucket List.

If you're interested in running 2009 you better get signed up now. They have only 25 spots available and is to take place on March 26th, 2009.

Can someone help me out with the payment schedule? Full payment of EUR €11,900 to firmly secure a place will be accepted on initial registration. Alternatively, a EUR €4,000 deposit to reserve a place will be accepted. This deposit should be followed by a second payment of EUR €4,000 by September 1st 2008, with the remaining payment of EUR €3,900 due by December 31st 2008. I'm not good with exchange rates so I'm not exactly how much the race entry is!


  1. 11,900 Euro looks to be about
    $18K in US dollars. Found this link. Gives you an idea of what the dollar converts to in Euro.
    Congrats on another marathon!!

  2. Thanks Holly! You are the best! Looks like I might hold off on this marathon for a while unless you have some extra funds that are burning a hole in your pocket you need to get rid of.