My Honored Patient Kaylee Quijas

I am in the process of mentoring my third team for Team In Training. We are training for the Rock 'N Roll San Diego Marathon June 1st. I enjoy every minute of helping newbies learn what it takes to train for a marathon as well as fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I also enjoy meeting our honored patients and learning about their stories. Our honored patient for my team this season is Kaylee Quijas. She is a 15 year old sophomore who was diagnosed with Leukemia on June 21, 2007, actually Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.). I can not imagine being a teen-ager and suddenly having your world halted. Being 15 poses so many hard times as it is, let alone facing a very scary diagnosis such as cancer. Can you imagine losing your hair now (okay Doug, maybe you can't relate) let alone being a 15 year old girl? Kaylee is gutting it out and being so strong trying to get to her maintenance phase. Last week she was denied as her immune system (her ANC count) was too suppressed. Tomorrow the family goes in again to hopefully hear some good news.

To read more about Kaylee and her fight with Leukemia, check out her site at http://kayleequijas.blogspot.com/. Her dad, Michael, keeps an updated account of what is transpiring. We're hoping SOON, Kaylee will be back on track being a cheerleader and doing normal teenager things. We're praying for ya Kaylee!

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