April Showers

Life: It's gloomy and rainy here today but I'm okay with it. Especially after stepping out in the backyard yesterday afternoon and seeing the green pop out. Our raspberry bushes are leafing, our peach trees are busting to bloom. The tulips should be ringing in their vibrant colors soon. At work, it's so nice to walk down the sidewalk and see the trees budding. I truly work at the most beautiful place. They take such great care of the landscape here. The only thing I like better then walking to work is walking from work to see and smell the beautiful trees, flowers and shrubs. There is always something flowering or budding. I don't know what most of it is-but that doesn't stop me from appreciating its beauty. I often wonder if others appreciate the start of something new or if they are bustling to and fro that they don't even notice.

I hope you stop and smell the flowers today. It will open up your hibernating senses.

Training: Tonight is our TNR. I hope it's not rainy then. I need to get out and get a 3 miler in to see how my legs are recovering and I would much rather do that outside then on the dreadmill (that is not a typo). Yoga has been great and I'm able to get my full stretches in (unlike Monday) so that's good. Last night my class ohhh'ed and awww'ed over my completion of a marathon. It kinda makes me laugh because it's so much a part of me that it doesn't seem unusual to run a marathon anymore. However, it's still fun to see people amazed over your accomplishments (even if some of them don't know that a marathon is 26.2 miles-I'm still good with the it!)

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