The Night Before

Well...we've made it to St. Louis. It was a nice, fast ride down with everything going as planned. Lots of laughing, singing and poor Travis wondering what he had gotten himself in to.

The drive down and the rest of the day here was beautiful. The sun was shining and the temp was around 65ish. It was a great day to wander around downtown. As I sit here, I'm looking out our hotel room window straight into Busch Stadium and at the Arch. The sun is setting and the lights are starting to shine as the sun is setting. Our hotel and the view from it is beautiful.

Downtown was full of activity today with people bustling around due to activity for the marathon, the weather being gorgeous and the Cardinals being in town. Of course, Doug was walking around with his Royals shirt on-he's such a great supporter. We have just gotten back from dinner. Doug went to the TEAM pasta party and Karen and I hit a local Italian hangout that was very good. Now we're heading down to meet up with others to watch the basketball game.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow. It's going be a great day.

Here's to an early night in and to an early morning tomorrow...Good Night...Sweet Dreams...and to a Great Race Day. Til then...

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