About Last Night-The Washington Nationals and Busch Stadium Lighting

Last night I was getting cozy in the hotel room bed...it was soooo nice, when Doug called and wondered where I might. He was sitting with others with Team In Training and they were watching the game. I was tired. I was ready for bed but didn't want to be a party pooper so I headed down to meet up with them.

We were all chit chatting when I noticed the table of men that were also hanging out at the next table and they were dressed to the nines. Doug then told me that Dallas Perez (or Odalis Perez as Doug corrected me-thanks babe) was sitting behind us. For those of you that do not know, he played for the Royals last year and now is with the Washington Nationals. Come to find out there were about a dozen or so players watching the basketball game WITH us...well not really WITH us...but the tables next to us. They are staying in our hotel because you honestly could hop-skip-and jump one time each from our hotel at the Westin to the ballpark. There was not any hubub or anything-just everyone enjoying the game. There were people rooting for both teams so it was fun.

After the game, we came up and hopped in bed. About midnight I had to get up and close our curtains because the lights from the stadium were so bright that they were beaming through our hotel room window. I may have 'St. Louis Cardinals' tattooed on my head as the lights from the sign burned into my forehead overnight.


  1. ....that would be Odalis Perez.

  2. Well-of course! I've corrected it. Thanks!