Meet Me In St. Louie and at Christopher Elbow's

It's T Minus 1 before we head to to the Gateway to the West. Tomorrow, after Doug finishes coaching the run with Team In Training, we are road tripping down with Karen and Travis. We will stop off for lunch, get to St. Louis, check in to the hotel, head to packet pick up, relax a bit, head to dinner and then back for an early night.

Doug has a team running the Marathon and Half Marathon so he will be on the course all day assisting them. Karen and I are running the Half Marathon. This will be her second Half Marathon and then she heads straight into training for the Nike Women's San Francisco Marathon.

After everyone's in Sunday, we're turning around and road tripping back. This will be a whirlwind trip which is nothing too out of the norm for us-especially since there aren't any oceans or mountains to be had and it's a 'been there done that' feeling.

BUT...before getting all excited for tomorrow, I'm feeling the excitment for this afternoon. I'm heading out with Stephanie to Christopher Elbow's for some more chocolate tasting! Steff is having a chocolate party next Sunday and I am so excited! A CHOCOLATE PARTY! With her knowing what a freak I am about my chocolate, she invited me last month to go chocolate shopping with her. It was such a great day. We went to 3 Women and an Oven, Andre's and Chistopher Elbow's. It was a chocolate packed day! So this week, Steff calls to order her chocolate from Christopher's and the lady tells her he is always making new chocolates so she needed to just come back in and try the new ones. And with Steff being the great friend she is, she has invited me to tag along to try chocolates again. I can't wait. His chocolates are pieces of art. Amazingly beautiful and better then that...they are DELISH! They taste as good as they look.

He also has sipping chocolate. This is pure chocolate that you sip. Not your regualar Swiss Miss by any sense. AND...they make their own marshmellows to top it off. I have never tasted a tastier marshmellow. I can't WAIT! This is going to be a GREAT weekend. I'm looking forward to such a great time! I hope you have a great weekend too!

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